Best Treadmills for Your Home Gym Reviews 2022

It is everyone’s dream to get healthy and fit without their busy work schedule being compromised. However, although you might be motivated to maintain your fitness, this is sometimes set aside when it becomes difficult for you to go to the gym due to a number of reasons (i.e traffic, bad weather, and hectic schedule). The good thing is, this could be changed if you have some fitness equipment at home.


When you own a gym equipment – a treadmill for instance, you will always be reminded to work out every time you see it. With a treadmill at home, you can now exercise whenever you want. You can even watch TV or talk on the phone while you’re on your treadmill. Multitasking will be easier, and getting fit is now made possible and fun.

On the other hand, the only worry that will come your way when choosing a treadmill is not your budget. It is the number of options available in the market. Choosing the best treadmill for your needs can be difficult because there are a lot of treadmills that will fit your criteria.

To help you, we’ve created this guide.


What’s the best treadmill for home use?

Home workouts play a vital role in keeping your body healthy. When work schedule or bad weather hinders you on your fitness plans, then it’s best to get a treadmill for your home gym.

The good thing about having a treadmill at home is convenience. You’ll never have to worry about the need to go to the gym after a long day or after sending off your kids to school. You will be at peace knowing that your treadmill will always be available whenever you want to use it.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best treadmills for home use that are available in the market.

Our Top 3 Choices

To help you decide which product to buy, we have narrowed down the list based on their overall quality and features. Here are our top picks:

The NordicTrack 2950 Treadmill

The NordiTrack 2950 is among the top-rated treadmill of the brand. It is a folding treadmill that is best for walkers and runners. It comes with a high definition 10” touchscreen for workout programs and virtual outdoor tours. Other than that, the iFit Coach video program along with Google map routes will motivate you to work out regularly.

This machine is also equipped with the Bluetooth technology to enable you to connect and play music via your MP3 player. It features a 4.25 CHP motor along with a comfortable and smooth running surface that can accommodate up to the biggest strides at 22 inches x 60 inches. The 2950 also has a “Whisperquiet” technology, durable belt, power incline and decline, Autobreeze fans, heart rate monitoring, and water bottle holders.

With its foldable frame and good sound absorption, the NordiTrack 2950 is just perfect for your home space.

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LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR 1200i treadmill is a well-rounded and affordable choice. Its great parts and features are worth every penny. Starting off with the equipment’s design, the 2.5 CHP motor is ideal for running and jogging as the speed can be adjusted up to 11 mph. Its front and rear rollers will ensure smooth performance, and the durable 2 ply-belt will maintain its good quality. It is also equipped with a 15% incline which you can adjust easily if you prefer a high-intensity work out.

The product is a folding treadmill that makes it ideal for home use. Its technology features such as the Intelli Step and Intelli Guard are helpful especially if you want to track down your improvements. The Intelli Step counts steps by sensing you every time your foot lands on the running surface. The Intelli Guard, on the other hand, automatically pauses your session once you step off the treadmill belt.

Other than its superior quality and amazing features, you can also enjoy a LifeSpan Club full membership once your purchase the product. This particular treadmill is undoubtedly a recommended buy.

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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward treadmill, this one is for you. This product is best for someone who is a beginner when it comes to walking, running, and jogging routines. It is affordable for most consumers as it only cost $300.

In spite of that, the product is equipped with great features and programs. It has a heart rate monitoring feature which is relevant once your workout routine improves along the way. Furthermore, it has 6 programs available for your workout needs.

To be honest, it is very rare to find such features on a budget-friendly option as they are mostly available only for high-end equipment. The programs you will see on the equipment’s console are useful if you are looking for the best workout routine for your needs.

This treadmill is designed for losing weight and high-intensity training. It is also a good buy for shoppers who are on a tight budget.

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Features to Consider when Looking for the Best Treadmill

Finding the best treadmill is a daunting task. A lot of shoppers assume that it is not a challenge to buy a treadmill especially if they have enough budget. However, this is not the case. If you are not a smart buyer, you’ll most likely end up buying the product that does not even meet your criteria.

As such, the following factors are the ones you should consider before you even decide to make a purchase:

  • Running Surface Area

The most important feature that you should keep in mind is the treadmill’s running surface area. Usually, the largest treadmill surface size you can find in the market is about 20-22” in width and 60-63” in length. The larger the size of the equipment, the more weight it can accommodate. A large running surface size is also essential if you are a tall person so you can work out in full running strides.

This feature needs to be considered because your workout will be more effective when your strides are not limited. If you decided to buy a treadmill with a shorter surface size, you might fall down and be rendered unable to perform properly. It is true that a compact treadmill is a space saver; however, you should bear in mind that it might not be appropriate for you. Ideally, you want a treadmill with a surface that’s 20” wide and at least 50” long.

  • Computer Features

The computer features in a treadmill help promote long workouts. Most often, you would not find these features in cheap products because budget-friendly treadmills usually operate manually. As such, it’s only ideal to opt for the ones with a console as it displays programmed workouts specifically designed by professional trainers.

A console lets you see you your progress and monitor your metrics such as the total number of calories burnt, distance, current speed, remaining time, and elapsed time. The display on the console will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

It’s ideal to buy a treadmill that is equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor to support you while you are working out. This feature usually comes with handlebar sensors to ensure a good grip on your training, a fingertip monitor that is designed to clip onto your finger, and sometimes wireless chest traps.

However, the best and most convenient heart rate monitoring is the chest strap. The chest trap will not interrupt you during your workout session as it won’t require you to pause just to take heart rate reading. It will track your heart rate continuously and will provide you with more legitimate readings compared to other types of heart rate monitors.

  • Incline

Take into account that the best treadmills are the ones that provide incline features. Buy a model with an adjustable incline so you could increase your workout level as you go on a high-intensity training. The excellent degree of incline for your workout is 15%.  There are a lot of brands offering flexible inclines on their models, thus it would not be hard for you to find this on a treadmill.

Electronic adjustability is the best incline feature you should get. This is essential so you could adjust the intensity of your training without making you stop for manual adjustment. Negative incline and decline are some of the great incline features too. You will see this type of incline feature on the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill.

  • Overall Features and Quality

Above all, of course, you need to choose an equipment that is durable and comes with superior quality – the one that can last before the normal wear and tear occur. A wise analysis on how the parts of the treadmill could stand after multiple times of use is necessary. Bear in mind that if you fail to find high quality products, frequent repairs or replacement will cost you more.

There are a lot of ways to know if the model is of top quality. Don’t only focus on the brand name. Consider other things like how the belt was made. A treadmill belt that is four-ply or double-ply is more durable compared to a single ply.

The metal rollers are also an important factor when looking for the product’s durability. Rollers with large diameters are good for the equipment’s motor and can also extend the belt’s life. For home use, the appropriate diameter is about 2.5”.


How Does a Treadmill Work? What are Its Benefits?

Running on a treadmill, or just running in general, is an excellent exercise no matter what shape or size you are in. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or even a professional, you can always gain benefits when using the treadmill. There are many ways how you can make use of a treadmill for working out. You can walk, run, jog, and even perform high intensity interval training.

There are a lot of workout programs offered on a treadmill that are specifically designed by fitness equipment makers with various goals in mind. Some are meant to increase your running speed while some are for burning calories. When you make your treadmill workout a routine, expect that you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Great Cardiovascular Work Out

Walking, running, and jogging on the machine stimulates your heart. Increasing your heart rate while working out improves stamina, cardio capacity, and endurance. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Heart Association (AHA), a 30-minute workout session each day a week will maintain a good heart health.

Each time you use the treadmill for your fitness routine, your heart strengthens and grows stronger. The act of walking or running lowers your blood pressure, helps you have a good blood flow, and reduces stress. With heart illness as one of the primary causes of death, it is important that you prioritize your cardiovascular health.

  • Burns Calories

Using a treadmill for at least 30 minutes a day will help you burn fats. If you combine it with a healthy diet, you will definitely achieve your fitness goals quickly. Additionally, if you use the equipment’s incline or include a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in your workout, expect that more calories will be burnt. With a HITT, you can alternate rounds of walking or running from a moderate to faster pace.

Any interval training can increase your heartbeat, thus allowing you to consume more oxygen which burns your calories as a result. Treadmills are ideal for this, especially if weight loss is your goal.

  • Low Impact

If you can’t do high-intensity workouts such as running, jogging, or any other type of exercise that demands you to leave the surface with both feet, then the treadmill is the best option for you. Most people complain that high-intensity workout can result in extreme pain, or worse, injuries. However, when you perform a high-intensity workout (i.e running and jogging) on a treadmill, the pain will be significantly reduced.

Treadmill gives you less pain and impact compared to running on the ground with both feet. There are many technologies built on your treadmill which helps absorb the normal impact you get from intense training. A treadmill will certainly disprove the saying “no pain, no gain”.

  • Awesome Experience

Have you ever experienced the sense of euphoria? Or have you never felt pain when running at all? The feeling is called runner’s high.  It’s mostly felt by athletes, and the feeling is what makes them addicted to what they are doing. When we engage in activities such as running, our endorphin hormones are being released, thus causing our mood to change. It is a good thing though – as our endorphins are responsible for our well-being. Therefore, it is time to step on the treadmill to chase those positive feelings.


Other Essential Things to Consider

Along with finding the best treadmill, here are also some important things you should keep in mind before you even finalize your buying decision.

  • Workout Routine

Your workout routine is a lot easier now with the machine as most treadmills are integrated with various workout programs. However, treadmills of these type are a bit expensive, so you should take note of this if you are on a tight budget.

If you want to save money, there are many workout routines you can find on Youtube or Google. These routines vary based on what you are trying to achieve: whether you want to lose weight or just want to be healthy.

  • Running Shoes

Running shoes could either make or break your workout experience. Good running shoes will make a difference once you start running on the treadmill. Pick the wrong running shoes, and you can expect to end up on the couch with either aching heels or shin splints.

There are various stores that are perfect for your needs. However, it’s not really that necessary to buy a new pair. You just have to make sure that your shoes are lightweight and come with a proper fit. Most importantly, don’t forget to tie and double knot your laces before you step on your treadmill.

  • Care and Maintenance

Most people overlook the importance of keeping the machine in good condition. You should always consider that the treadmill should be maintained properly on a daily basis. Make sure that you clean your conveyor belt in a way that it is free of debris and dust. This way, injuries would be prevented and the machine will work smoothly at all times.

Additionally, the conveyor belt should be lubricated and adjusted for the machine to run properly. Sweats are inevitable when working out; therefore, you have to remove or clean them with a dry cloth after every workout session.

Other than that, it is also essential that your treadmill is placed in a climate-controlled environment. As mentioned by Nautilus, your treadmill electronic parts are prone to damage when it is exposed to excessive heat, cold, or humidity.


With a treadmill at home, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why you skipped your fitness routine for the day. There’s no need to stress about the idea of getting out of the house to hit the gym. It is now possible to lose weight and maintain your body healthy as you can exercise at your own convenience, at your own pace.

There’s a large variety of treadmills sold in the market that is certainly suitable for your budget. Take a look at their features and consider all the guidelines we have provided for you. We hope our guide will help you look for the right product.