It was a fall day back in 2007 when I decided that I wanted to run the New York City Marathon the following year.  I trained.  I sacrificed.  I ran it. 

As an athlete growing up and college football player, running always seemed like a punishment rather than a form of excitement or sport. Getting started with my first Marathon training program was a huge challenge and without the guidance from runner friends or the world wide web, I possibly would not have made it.

Once I allowed myself, I did fall in love with running and everything associated with it.  I loved all the gear your could buy.  I loved the training and mapping long runs.  I loved the incremental increase each week and hitting goals. I loved setting PR’s.  I loved race days.  I loved crossing the finish line.

After I completed my first Marathon I was hooked and I quickly decided to run another; the 2009 Chicago Marathon.

Now I write this blog to provide tips and reviews to runners.