What will you sacrifice to accomplish your running goals?

Back from a long weekend away and feeling revived and ready to attack the week. It is, in fact, a race week for me.  I am traveling to Kansas City this weekend to visit family and Coach Jerry and I will be running the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon.  Like my recent New York City Marathon, I have not prepared for this race at all.  I’ve been slowly getting back into running shape after my injury and am taking it very slowly.  I’ve also been busy with a move and traveling so getting long consistent training runs scheduled has been difficult. So this weekend I’ll be excited to run another half and experience a new race with no expectations.

This weekend I was thinking about my upcoming half, my recent injury and what I need to do in the coming months to get back into PR shape.  I started thinking how far off I was from my 1:30’s days and how much work I needed to do.  I asked myself a simple question: How much am I willing to sacrifice to get back on top of my game?  A benign question at first glance, but once you strip away the layers and get down to it the question becomes quite complicated.

My first quick answer? I will sacrifice everything and everything to get back into my top running form.  Then the reality of the sacrifice takes shape- well, what about my new commuting schedule? What about the upcoming summer months and wanting to take it easy on the weekends? The excuses start to pile up and just like “that” a simple and easy question is turned into a complicated one where there are multiple moving parts.

As I write this post I am going through my head thinking of what can I do to get back on track.  If planned correctly and with the right frame of mind there isn’t really much sacrifice that is needed.  You, me and everyone else can reach their goal by just taking one day at a time.  If I look ahead three months, sure it looks daunting, but taking a on day at a time approach and making healthy/smart decisions then the days of running PR’s will be right there for you and me.

One day at a time and enjoying the journey, this is my mantra going into the spring. The running year is still young and there are lots of miles and milestones to achieve for all of us.

What are you willing to sacrifice to get to your goals? What motivates you to keep you on track? What are the things that throw you off your game?

- Scott

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