Grab Your Partner, Dosey Do

Running is great because I can tie up my sneakers and just go.  I don’t have to wait for anyone else and I can manage my own agenda; run where I want and as fast or slow as I want.  It is one of the unique times when I can totally clear my head and at the same time brew up some incredible ideas.  No judgment, no talking, no stress, no worrying….just me being selfish as hell and taking care of myself.  This is why running is great.

But you know, sometimes running with another person is just what the doctor ordered.  I have yet to find someone that runs at my same pace, but there are benefits of running with someone that is either faster or slower.

Running with speedy: Each time I visit Coach Jerry we go out for a run.  As you know from this blog he is a pretty damn good runner and he pushes me, but I am okay with this.  I feel that running with a partner every once in a while that is faster gives me confidence that I can keep up with a pace that is not usually on my schedule.  I find that after the first few miles it becomes more difficult to keep up a conversation but knowing that someone is next to me pushing me along is confidence enough to keep up.  Often I do not push myself enough so having a running partner that you can turn to every now and again that is a bit stronger and faster gives you opportunity to hammer it.  It is also much more gratifying to finish a run in which you pushed yourself with a high five from your faster partner.

Running deliberately: My better half is a fantastic runner, she is a marathoner, but the reality is that she is a slower runner than I am.  This does not mean that we do not enjoy running together.  When we go out together I don’t push her to “run with speedy”, but I run more deliberately and at her pace.  The benefits are multiple, including being able to have a conversation and truly enjoy the company of someone else.  It also helps me focus on my running form, when I am dialed back I become more aware of my arms, shoulders and stride.  I also seem to enjoy and appreciate the sunrise, landscape or my overall surroundings.

Being by yourself and running is one of the top reasons why I get out there and do it; but there are times during a rave run or tough run that it is nice to have a partner there to high five after. It is also nice to be on the same scheudle so you can go dominate chocolate chip pancakes or Nutella french toast together after.  They always taste better after a long run when you are with someone else.

When you run with someone else, are you the “speedy” or the “deliberately” one?  What are the benefits for you when running with a partner?

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