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Running to Me: Correcting Common Fitness Mistakes

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but what if you don’t know it’s broke? Outside Magazine had an enlightening article on some fitness mistakes that even the pros probably make and how to correct them. Some I skimmed over, but there were a few tips which I highlighted:

The 12 most common, performance-defeating fitness mistakes, and how to fix them

Working Out Just to Work Out : Raise your hand if you’re guilty! Sometimes I think that doing something is better than nothing, but Outside suggests we should always have some type of plan.

The Fix: Make sure your workouts train the muscle groups you need. If your sport involves running, do some single-leg box jumps. If you’re an endurance biker, you need to convert some fast-twitch muscles to slow-twitch, so be sure to do the occasional weekend tour in which you ride all day at a leisurely tempo.

Living at the Gym: Don’t forget to get outside. Most races and events don’t take place in a gym. We all know running on a treadmill is nothing like actually pounding the pavement.

The Fix: Exercise outdoors at least half the time. If you’re a gym rat, you can even modify your routines: Try doing lunges up a hill or using a park bench as a plyo box.

Taking It Too Easy: Again, guilty as charged. Sometimes I think a light jog is good enough if I’m not feeling my best.

The Fix: Ramp it up. Slowly. Runners and cyclists: Start your interval routine with eight one-minute intervals at the fastest speed you can maintain (take two-minute recoveries in between). In each subsequent workout, do as many intervals as you can at the same speed until you can do 12, then increase your speed so that once again you can do only eight intervals. Just don’t overdo it.

It’s about working out smarter, not harder, and more efficiently.

What corrections do you find yourself making?

– Nichole

(Nichole’s motto is to take life, fitness and well-being in stride. Nichole is an overall sports enthusiast with a serious love for running, cycling, triathlons, hiking, skiing, and well, almost anything outdoors. Nichole believes working out and staying fit should be a lifestyle and not “work.” You can check her out on her blog LivefortheRun, or follow along on Twitter @livefortherun.)

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