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Coach’s Corner: One Sweet Cereal…The Brutal Truth About Kashi!

I am coming out of the gate with my first product review. Hold onto your bras and jocks because you’ll be hard pressed to find another runner who tastes, touches, rips apart, critiques, wears out and was pretty much born to separate the good from the bad in terms of all things running gear related!

I have worn good shoes until my toes literally came through, shorts until you could see through them (my wife throws them away eventually), cut up bottles to “customize” them and ingested good nutritional supplements until I was so sick of them that I would almost puke at the smell.

Kashi Good Friends  & Go Lean Crunch……Hot Sisters

Today, I am here to extol the virtues of two bad ass cereals. As runners, we get up at ungodly hours of the morning to get out the door. This should mean that we get a jump on the hoards of lazy folk sleeping in throughout the subdivision. Think again! We are hurried out of bed, out the door, back to stretch (or not), shower, primp, press and stuff some breakfast down. I am usually running into my first meeting of the day just in the nick of time. If only my co-workers had any idea of what I have done in the early morning darkness. They wouldn’t understand.

It’s so important to get good clean fuel out of the gate each morning. Kashi’s Good Friends and Go Lean Crunch offerings allow this to happen in my house. Whether I am enjoying a bowl in the kitchen or balancing it in the shower (yes. I actually eat cereal in the shower to save time) this cereal gives runners everything necessary to fuel for the day. That said, always know that you’ll still be guaranteed a quite five minutes on the pot to enjoy some good reading material and catch up on the latest race results.

The Skinny:

Taste – This cereal tastes on par with many of its calorie empty, high fructose corn syrup, corn based, artificially flavored packed counterparts. The secret is two-fold. Kashi uses evaporated cane juice crystals and honey for sweetness. This gives users a bold sweetness that doesn’t give you the sugar spike let down later in the morning. I typically lay down a nice base of the Good Friends and top with Go Lean Crunch. The two cereals make sweet music together and provide a diverse medley of tastes that entertain my palette day after day.

Functionality: Kashi packs 8g of fiber into its Go Lean Crunch and Good Friends respectively. Plenty of the big “F” to keep the systems going. This is so key to staying lean and ensuring that you can get the maximize benefit from your workouts. I have never felt bloated which is not the case with Grape Nuts and other boxed sugary oatmeal mushes.

Protein: Throughout the years, I have found maintaining a balance of protein, fiber and carbs to be key to stoking the furnace. Sticking to specific ratios like Carmichael does for Lance seems dreamy but oh so UNREALISTIC. In the end, time has shown me that simply keeping a somewhat balanced ratio of Carbs, Protein and Fiber is all it takes. This rule of thumb holds true for any meal I consume or chef up for the family. Kashi provides this balanced protein punch without any chalky gimmicky whey protein yuck!

The Scoop: Kashi scores huge on these two cereals without even trying. There is nothing special or futuristic to confuse the buyer. Even the most intellectually challenged of us can understand that words like brown rice, grain oats, rye, buckwheat, honey, salt and cinnamon are good for us. People don’t miss another day bogging down on pop darts or choking down chalky shakes. Head for the “Sisters of Sweetness” and you’ll never look back. Our two year old even likes the mix…a totally added bonus.

Eat, poop and don’t accept anything less than the cleanest of Kashi breakfast fuel!

Junior Pullins: Resident Running Guru

I agree with Coach Jerry and have put Kashi products into my morning breakfast routine and mix it with yogurt.


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