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Pre-Marathon Injury, Do’s and Don’ts

Running Injury Prevention | Stretching and Preparing for Your Run ...

Running Injury Prevention | Stretching and Preparing for Your Run …

Getting injured this close to the marathon is a tricky place to be. You did all this training, you were feeling great, and BAM, it hits you out of nowhere. Here are some do’s and dont’s for planning your next few weeks.

1. DON’T do speed or hill work. At a base line, just get in some easier runs if possible. Speed and altering terrain are likely to make the problem worse. If your gait is altered, don’t run at all until it normalizes.
2. DO ice. Its truly your best friend right now. Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help the swelling and subsequently the pain from your injury.
3. DO see a health care professional who understands running and the desire you have to be able to run the marathon. Any other provider will just tell you to quit, but often you can make it through with most non-threatening injuries. We can even help make recovery quicker.
4. DO cross train. If there is no pain biking, bike. If there is no pain swimming, swim.
5. DON’T wear poor shoewear and limit your weight bearing activity. Walking a lot is just going to make the issue worse, especially in heels or loafers or flip-flops.
6. DON’T panic!! Getting the help you need from a professional will help calm your conscience by understanding the injury and what you can do now to try to salvage the race.
How are you feeling leading up to your fall race? What strategy do you implement during taper? How have you dealt with an injury close to a race? What advice can you share?
- Marisa

(Marisa, a MS PT SCS ATC, is a member of  iRunnerBlog’s team and writes the Runner Therapy column, she is a physical therapist in private practice in midtown NYC called Dash Physical Therapy.  She one of only a dozen or so physical therapists  in the state of NY to be board certified in sports.)

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